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Site Selection; The Advantages to the Land Buyer of Having a Buyers Broker

Site Selection; The Advantages To The Land Buyer Of Having A Buyer's Broker

For the Florida home builders, developers, investors, corporate site selectors and other land buyers, the more traditional method of purchasing land is working with brokers who usually represent the seller. With little or no cost to these land buyers, they could have the many advantages and benefits of having a buyer's broker!

These advantages and benefits include:

  • The opportunity to see more and better properties that meet the buyers specific criteria.

  • The advantage of seeing and evaluating more properties as they hit the market - before the competition does!

  • The possibility of finding ideal properties that are not on the market, but having the buyer's broker negotiate a sale and purchase price nonetheless.

  • The benefit of having a trained and experienced professional land broker working on the buyer's behalf.

  • The assurance that the broker is working on the buyer's behalf in a written agreement with integrity and fidelity to the buyer.

  • The time and expense saved of the in-house acquisition manager who can spend their time on the other key aspects of their job.

  • Finally, the seller's listing commission will typically be paid, in any case, with a built in commission split; by having a buyer's broker, the buyer enjoys all of all the advantages and benefits at little or no additional cost to the buyer!

At Coastal Strategies and Investments we are pleased to work as a buyer's broker for the benefit of our clients, the land buyers. We maintain relationships with the land business community and the various sources of information, web and otherwise to provide excellent service for our clients.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the details of this approach with prospective land buyers.
Steve Toner (formerly with Coastal Strategies, Inc.) is now with Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Real Estate, and Coldwell Banker Commercial Saunders Ralston Dantzler; Providing Real Estate Brokerage and Consulting for Land Developments, Investments, Ranches and Commercial properties.
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